Boeing, one of the biggest Aerospace companies on the planet, will be partnering with Texas billionaire Robert Bass’ Nevada based startup Aerion Corporation to produce the world’s first Supersonic civilian jet- the Aerion AS2. The partnership will be two giants in their fields combine resources to craft the speed and manoeuvrability of an F-16 wing fighter jet into Boeing’s luxury fitted airliner to produce the Aerion AS2.

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So in this week’s blog, we will be discussing the different aspects of this amazing invention and find out more about the fastest commercial jet to grace the skies. Let’s get started!

The story behind Aerion AS2

On a statement made by a company spokesperson on Tuesday, Boeing announced its partnership with Aerion after significant investment, replacing Airbus as the primary benefactor for the project. Previously in 2017, Airbus had announced its partnership with Aerion Corp after it took over originally from Lockheed Martin, the biggest Defence contractors in the U.S. However, Aerion’s partnership with Airbus wasn’t completely without vain and saw various design upgrades in its original design. The engineers at Airbus collaborated with Aerion to develop and advance AS2’s aerodynamics and upgraded its airframe structure to compensate for the engines moving to the wings. It also features a T-tail section and the highest wing aspect ratio ever seen in a flight-ready aircraft.

With an investment of over 1 billion US dollars, Aerion hopes to sell 30 units of the AS2 every year for the next 20 years for 120 million US dollars each! That’s over 3.6 billion dollars for 20 consecutive years. Wow! With plans for a global launch in 2023, Aerion seems all set to set the world on edge with supersonic travel in the near future.

aerion as2, worlds fastest supersonic jet, worlds fastest jet, social cube, aerion

Already, Flexjet-a flight service provider based out of the U.S. has ordered 20 units of the Aerion AS2 at a total sale value of 2.4 US billion dollars. This valuable addition to Flexjet’s fleet makes it the first commercial flight carrier to provide commercial supersonic travel.

How fast is the AS2?

The Aerion AS2 will fly at speeds in excess of 1800 km/h at Mach 1.5, 66.6% more than the speed of sound and any other man-made subsonic aircraft in the skies today. But what good is so much speed if you can’t go far, right? Aerion has you covered, with the AS2 having a range of 5,466 miles in a single refuel. Flying on an Aerion AS2, you could cut Trans-Pacific journeys by more than 6 hours, thus making a journey from LA to Sydney, the longest air route in the world in less than 10 hours! Remember how once we could see an entire Christopher Nolan movie take place on a flight from Sydney to LA? ( *Cough* Inception *Cough* )

aerion as2, worlds fastest supersonic jet, worlds fastest jet, social cube, aerion
The inflight Cabin on the AS2

So who will be flying on the $120 million luxury airliner is the question you might be asking yourself at this point. Well, Aerion intended its supersonic luxury jet for the use of businessmen who constantly travel around the world and want to cut on their travel time. The AS2 being significantly faster than the current commercial airliners cuts international travel time almost by half, thus making it an ideal fit for people who would want to make use of the extra time they would save after a flight.

We wish the folks at Aerion and Boeing the best of luck with their future endeavours and hope for more such technological advancements coming our way in the future. So with hope alight in our hearts, we at Social Cube bid you farewell. Keep reading folks!


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