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Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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New Horizons: The fastest spacecraft ever built

The human need for space exploration has always been an unending thirst that has yet to be sated. As we gradually move towards a truly digital age, we cannot,...
isro,isro founder,isro full form, social cube, social cube patna

ISRO is now ranked 5th in the world

What is the ISRO? The Indian Space Research Organization or ISRO was formed in 1969 and since then, has been a source of pride and innovation for the Indian subcontinent....

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instagram changes, social cube, social cube patna

Stories, Shopping, and Streamlining: Your Guide to Instagram’s Latest Moves

While its parent company, Facebook continues looking inward, Instagram on the other hand...
aerion as2, worlds fastest supersonic jet, worlds fastest jet, social cube, aerion

World’s Fastest Jet is here: The Aerion AS2

Boeing, one of the biggest Aerospace companies on the planet, will be partnering with Texas billionaire Robert Bass’ Nevada based startup Aerion Corporation to...
social cube, social cube patna, statue of unity, statue of unity height, who paid for statue of unity

Statue of Unity: Pride of a Nation

The tallest statue ever built by mankind, one of its kind in the world-The Statue of Unity. Costing a back-breaking amount of 2,989 Crore...